Twitter has Launched an Educational Course on Better Video Marketing

Twitter has launched an educational course like other platforms. In the first phase, a series of eight parts has been introduced that can particularly help in video marketing.

Twitter has launched a new initiative called 'Twitter Flight School' that offers practical lessons on video marketing. The course is aimed at individuals who already know how to create videos but want to enhance their effectiveness and virality. Presented in the form of short video lessons, the course is only two minutes long and offers the best advice in one place.

Twitter's marketing and creative team has worked hard to prepare this course, and it is designed to help individuals create better ads and improve their marketing. This video series is part of Twitter's new initiative called 'Flight School,' which is a free training school aimed at helping users improve their advertising skills.

Despite Twitter's controversial policies, the company hopes that this initiative will encourage more advertising companies to use Twitter for their campaigns. Reports suggest that 70% of the best advertising companies are neither using Twitter nor seeing ads there, which could be one reason why Twitter has launched this course. With Twitter Flight School, users can learn how to create effective video ads and improve their marketing skills to make the most of Twitter's advertising platform.