Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 16

Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 16

Russian troops have gained terrain in the southern suburbs of Bakhmut and are advancing north of the cemetery. To the west of the Damba reservoir, Russian troops have also conquered more blocks.

In the north, Russian troops have conquered the lower hamlet of Zaliznyans'ke. It seems that the advance along the M03 towards Slovyansk is now becoming the spearhead of the Russians.

Russian sources report on skirmishes south of Orikhiv, Zaporizhzia region. Ukrainian forces would have conducted offensive actions there. Russians claim their 291th regiment repulsed the attack.

General Updates:

The government and a broad majority in the Danish Parliament have agreed to set up a Ukraine fund worth 7 billion DKK which equals €950 million Euro's.

Denmark sends a new aid package worth $141 million. It consists 5.56mm and 12.7mm small and heavy ammunition, charges for 155 mm shells, anti-tank mines and missiles for air defense, as well as military generators, mobile workshops, and thousands of sets of waterproof uniforms

Poland's Internal Security Agency has eliminated a Russian spy network operating inside Poland. Agents set up cameras near railway tracks and near Rzeszów-Jasionka airport, collecting information about the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Pic Source: War_mapper on Twitter